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The Platform

Fiscal Responsibility and Border Control

Some of the largest concerns Canadians, and the constituents of Kildonan - St. Paul, have is fiscal responsibility and better border control. I believe that a balanced budget is the key to creating a better future for many generations going forward. I also believe in stronger border control by stopping the flow of illegal immigration, which wastes your tax dollars by housing these individuals.

Stronger Stance Against Sexual Assaults

I am a Correctional Officer who sees many persons convicted of sexual assault never actually face a punishment. I pledge to bring forth legislation that will add degrees of sexual assaults to our criminal code, with each having a strong mandatory minimum.

Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as our physical, visible health. As a Correctional Officer who has experienced PTSD, I understand the importance of mental health to all Canadians. There is not enough government support for mental health, and this has to change. 

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